ALittle Bit about me

Adam Ambrose

 “I live with, and for my insecurities, because they are what makes me different. I hold them high for everyone to see and I don’t tell them to leave, I embrace them. Music is where my insecurities and I meet. You are just listening to our conversations.”

Hi, I am Adam Ambrose and this is what music is for me, therapy, and I have been going to therapy for several years now. Why am I going to therapy? Well, because life wasn’t so good before. I was addicted to drugs, I was suicidal and just an overall mess. This music thing changed that. I went from singing in my parents stairwell to working with my neighbor Danny Patton who is a Juno award winning producer.

Which is wild, but still not the craziest part! The songs Danny and I created got featured on “New Music Friday” internationally on Spotify having my Debut EP “Little Green Cabins” reaching 300k streams. The big song of the EP  “Relax” has be featured in countless radio stations including CBC radio 1.I now work with Produced by Towers who have been nominated  twice for the Junos and have had songs in Canadian top charts.

They have helped me create my latest single “Breathe”. Which is a song that was  centered around supporting others with similar stories to mine. I even started a fundraiser called “Learning How to Breathe” where I told my story of battling my own mental illness to inspire and help raise money for the Canada Mental Health Association. Now that is just wild!!

A lot in my life has changed. It doesn’t suck, but I still get insecure and I still overthink everything. How I write the songs and come up with them is still the same, but the location is different. Instead of writing songs in my parent's stairwell, I have upgraded to sitting in my apartment bathroom. This so I don’t bother my girlfriend too much with my loud noise, but she loves the noise …. Kinda. Music will always be my therapy, but now others listen in. So, welcome to my life and into my insecure little brain.